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It works great! As a matter of fact, it's the preferred method. Just be sure to shoot your video in landscape orientation (wide left to right).

Generally two or three swings is good. Make sure to get multiple angles if you can. Videos are usually only 30-60 seconds long.

Just give us a call at 800-365-6492 and tell us why you aren't happy. All requests for refunds will be granted, we just want to know why users aren't pleased so we can improve our service. Your credit card fee will be refunded in full the same day.

If drills alone worked, you could just watch major league players and improve. Swings must be analyzed by professional coaches who can pinpoint areas that need improvement, then can tell you what they see and how to overcome the flaws. Then they prescribe the proper professional drills that will help you and your local coach. This is followed up by you submitting a follow-up video of your player performing the drill at no charge, so our coaches can monitor and provide feedback on your improvement. Practicing drills alone is like picking out your own prescriptions without the aid of a doctor or pharmacist. For every 1 that can help you, there are hundreds that won't help and may even be detrimental.

We strive for same-day service. Occasionally your analyzed lesson may not be delivered back to you until the following day but always within 24 hours.

Yes. You can contact us directly or find more information about these plans in the Pricing area of our website.

Our Head Coach is a College Head Coach with over 25 years of professional coaching experience and over 500 collegiate wins to his credit. He alone chooses other professional coaches to work with Smarterlessonsonline.com, and they have to measure up to his professional standards.

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